Model Couple Interview Tahnee Frijters Zack van der Merwe

It is no secret your soulmate makes the ultimate travel companion. If there’s one couple who knows this, it’s Tahnee Frijters and Zack van der Merwe. Check out our interview with this stunning duo…

What is it like having a partner working in the same industry as you?
I (Tahnee) like it because they get that you never know what tomorrow brings. In today’s industry, a lot of work happens from day to day, so when you have someone that is in the same business, you never have to explain why plans are being cancelled. Sometimes it is hard, because one person can be away for ten days. But the moments we are back together it is amazing! We often try to go with each other to different countries. If I am working in Paris and Zack is free, he would come with me. This way we can have a nice dinner together and he can see his agency and see some clients in Paris.

Have you ever done a shoot together? What was it for? How was it and were there any challenges you had to overcome?
Yes we did. It was advertising campaign for quite a big brand in Ibiza. It was a lot of fun, because the shoot was all about a lifestyle that people want to lead. So big boats, helicopters and jet ski’s…lots of fun! We also did a tennis and golfing shoot together not long after. We are both very easy to get along with and I think we are professional in what we do, so our personal life doesn’t get in the way when a job needs to be done, but it’s always handy when you have to do a couples shoot together. We are hoping to do a big campaign together…

Tahnee Frijters Zack van der Merwe Model Couple

Have either of you noticed a significant difference in model pay roles or availability for modeling jobs based on gender?
The industry is constantly changing, as most people will tell you. In the past women earned way more than guys do and for some jobs they still do, but with the internet and online shopping, things started to head to the same level.

What has been the most rewarding part of being a model for each of you?Tahnee: I get to see so many beautiful places and meet so many people from all over the world. I learnt a lot of languages on my trips and travelling really makes me grow! Love it!

Zack: I met the woman of my dreams on a job, so there are no complaints there. I get to work with different people and I get to see different places, I would never have seen if I weren’t a model.

Tahnee frijters Zack Interview Fashion Models

What is your ideal way to spend a Saturday?
We have a little boy now, so there is a lack of sleep, but we are not late sleepers. So we’d get up around 7, feed the little guy, then would take turns doing some sort of exercise, followed by breakfast. After that, if the weather prevails, we’d be outside in the forest, on the beach or in a city, just walking around. Then we would have friends of family over for a games night followed by lots of healthy good food and some wine and bubbles, as Tahnee is a bubble drinker, which is Zack’s fault…got her into really good bubbles, as I believe if you do not drink much, you should drink something you like.

Zack van der MerweWhich one of you wears the pants in the relationship?
It’s definitely a team effort with most things, but when it comes to decisions about what lamp to buy and which corner to put it in, Tahnee definitely knows more, but when it comes to what car or technical thing to buy, Zack get’s complete freedom.

Tahnee, what was your secret to getting back in shape so quickly after having your beautiful baby?
Zack…hahahahaha. I always work out, but we had a rough pregnancy, which didn’t allow me to work out, so as soon as the little dude was out, I was back in gym, but I started slowly and built up my strength over a few weeks. For the rest, I love cooking! We have a big kitchen and make a lot of healthy food. :-)


What is your go to meal after a busy working day?
Seared tuna salad or sushi, love that stuff!!!! If we have time, we make Vietnamese rolls with our own stuffing or a home made vegetable soup with spelt bread.

Is it difficult to balance your model lifestyles with your new baby Lenn?
As soon as a option or job comes in, we schedule it in, so if one of us works on that day, the other has to babysit. If it happens that we have to work on the same days, we are fortunate to have family really close by.

What is your favorite part of being a parent?
It is something you can’t explain unless you have your own. When you look at him and you see half of your partner and half of yourself, it is absolute bliss, even though some nights you want to take him to the closest store and give him away when he’s crying, but it only takes one smile from him to make your heart melt and forget why you ever thought of giving him away…hahahahaha. It is our little miracle boy and we love him with all of our hearts! He completes us.