Zack: I grew up in South Africa, where I studied at the University of Port Elizabeth, now known as NMMU, to become a accountant. I worked for my father during my studies and in my 3rd year I went to Cape Town for a holiday,where I got scouted to become a model…which was a holiday job at the time, but turned into a now 10 year holiday job. I’ve lived all over the world because of it, from Hamburg to New York, to London and have found myself in the Netherlands, back at my roots. During my modelling career I started doing some photography and video on the side and quickly fell in love with it, as it gives me freedom to do more creative things. I’m a action junky, so anything that gets my adrenalin going, I’m up for it.
Tahnee is an all-round model, working for fashion, sport, lingerie, catalogues, beauty and commercials. Amongst other brands she modelled for: Garnier, Red, Avon, Palmolive, Gaastra, Yves Rocher, Triumph and Fatface. She graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion University and has established many loyal international clients over the years. She works full-time and travels from her base in Amsterdam. Tahnee loves to travel and is a sport junky. Sport gives her energy and makes her smile. Tahnee also has a talent to write. She blogs for several online magazines about fashion, travel and interior and has her own blog. Some of her articles has been published in Grazia, Red and Elle Living. She participated in a reality show called ‘Expedition Unlimited’ and had been followed by a TV program called ‘JONG’. Tahnee is represented by a lot of foreign countries and really adores her job.
For more info on Tahnee click here. http:www.tahneenikita.com instagram: tahneenikita